I got one life And I’m …

I got one life
And I’m gonna live it right

If I knew yesterday what I know today
Where would I be tomorrow
I won’t let my soul slide away
I’d do whatever it takes
Coz this time’s only borrowed

He sure knows how to play that thing and how to use his voice.
Been listening  to this song of his for couple of times and it gives me goosebumps over and over again.

He makes sure the listeners feel it, every word he sings.
I Keep my eyes shut and sometimes nodd my head, agreeing with what he just said.

James Morrison – One life



Have a feeling

Have a feeling

…..Oohhh my days it feels soooOOoo Gooood to be Home after a long day, with the family, who was preparing for Graduation Party, and at work, where I was dancing, running up and down the stairs and not once was I sitting down. I am tired ….
What wouldn’t I do though to sit on this Magical Pier and sing out loud, all by myself for only couple of minutes. That would be my energy source for my body, mind and soul.

We all need a peaceful place for ourselves sometimes….

Good life


Just woke up, thought I should write a little before I drag myself out from the bed. Lately I’ve been busy with organising charity concert for Somalia and attending to one and other.
It’s been a great experience and a challenge for me and I’ve met some wonderful people along the way. I’ve been working as usual and I have been studying too, therefor I haven’t had the time to check out this blog of mine. I feel like at this time I could need a long vacation somewhere since its been tough every now and then with everything. But I’d like to remind myself of the positive things I’ve accomplished and start this wonderful day with a big smile. Life has its good moments so lets hang on that, It’ll be pretty much easier then 🙂

Gratis i Stockholm 5 Years !

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Hi everyone I hope u’re all having a good day to day.
It’s a bit sunny outside and hopefully it’s not going to be that cold. As you can see I’ve put some pictures from Gratis i Stockholms 5th anniversary in Scandic Grand Central. I had a wonderful evening and I must say I think I did good too on stage.

Even though it was a Monday it sure felt like a Friday night in the mid 70’s. IT WAS Groovy !!

I’ve met the most talented and wonderful people that night such as Amalia, a great singer and a dancer.
Shy who played the piano that night and sang wonderful love songs. The Neon Romeoz, this band totaly took my breath away. I loved them. Don’t hesitate to check them out !!

But this event wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Anders Wenman & Tony Bogren. I must say Thank You both for letting me take part of this event

On Stage In Rinkeby

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Hi everyone, I know I haven’t been writing for quite some time but here I am now. I just came home from my first performance in Rinkeby. It was actually really nice, cause it felt like home away from home. I want to thank all the people who made this night possible and a special thanks to those who have donated to The East Africa Charity. Everything that has been donated will go towards helping those who are in need.
It’s always been a pleasure for me to take part of all kinds of charity. Now it’s time for me to get some sleep so sweet dreams to all of you and don’t forget to help others !!

A sleepless night = A destroyed morning

Here we go again. Just when I’m going to start school and try to prepare myself for the routines that are waiting for me I go to sleep at 19:00 and wake up after 3 hours. So much for the preperation. Now I won’t be able to sleep until early in the morning. What was I thinking? I should suppose to sleep in a good time. I repeat IN A GOOD TIME and everything would run as it usually does in the fairy tales world; Wake up in the morning with a smile on my face. Eating breakfast while listening to Louise Armstrongs song “What a wonderful world”. Watch the news for a little while then take a long shower.
But this won’t happen, since I’m sleepless to night. I’ll probably wake up late in the morning and you can guess how that will look like. I’m sure that it ain’t going to look good.

After Work – Crying like a baby

I am tired, I’ve got a big headache and I’m hungry.
Which means that I won’t be able to fall to sleep. At least not for
few hours. Too tired to get up and fix myself something to eat, too painful to lay down on the bed so I can go to sleep. I guess you guys understand the tiny dilemma I’ve got right now. I’m crying like a baby inside. What would need right now is my lovely Grandmother.

I’m sure she would make me feel a whole lot better, in a few seconds.
By the way I just remembered that I have to write a song about her before this year finishes, since it was one of my New Year’s resolution.


This is a Somali love song which is the only somali song i listen to. The beat is really nice and I like the way this guy chose to sing it. Originally the song was made by the people called Afar. They live in Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia. Beautiful isn’t she =)

Fast forward the time

I can’t wait. Can’t wait for that day to come.
Oh how I want the time 2 go fast.
What should I do 2 make the time go really quick, then go
really slow when that day comes.
Maybe I should keep myself busy now then try 2 have a boring day for that special day ?
That must make the time go as I want it right ?

This might sound weird but, don’t we all want 2 control the time.
Fast forward it whenever we want, make it go in slow motion, or pause it for a while.
How selfish I must be for thinking like this, cause u see my time is another persons time.

instead of thinking of doing the right thing i’m sitting here thinking how 2 waste time
so I can enjoy it fully when the time is right….

bad thoughts
bad thinking