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Hi everyone I hope u’re all having a good day to day.
It’s a bit sunny outside and hopefully it’s not going to be that cold. As you can see I’ve put some pictures from Gratis i Stockholms 5th anniversary in Scandic Grand Central. I had a wonderful evening and I must say I think I did good too on stage.

Even though it was a Monday it sure felt like a Friday night in the mid 70’s. IT WAS Groovy !!

I’ve met the most talented and wonderful people that night such as Amalia, a great singer and a dancer.
Shy who played the piano that night and sang wonderful love songs. The Neon Romeoz, this band totaly took my breath away. I loved them. Don’t hesitate to check them out !!

But this event wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Anders Wenman & Tony Bogren. I must say Thank You both for letting me take part of this event