Sherissa is a Singer/Songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. She started to sing at a young age, she says “Music has always been my life, a way to express myself”.
Though having no professional mentor who taught her how to play music, Sherissa developed an astonishing vocal ability. She would listen to her favourite artists on radio and learn to sing by ear..

With a delicate yet strong voice, a huge talent for writing beautifully heartfelt songs and a girl next door image, Sherissa is quickly establishing herself as one of the emerging young artists in Sweden. Sherissa writes about insightful, powerfully delivered songs about her experiences of Coming of Age, Love, Heartbreak and Self-discovery. “I draw my inspiration out from life either living it or Hearing it ”
Inspired by the authenticity of Singer/Songwriters, James Morrison, India arie, Tracy chapman, Ray Charles, One Republic and Colbie Caillat.

Sherissa makes songs that are sensual and intimate ,With Emphasis on “LOVE” according to her “Love is the reason we live, without Love we wouldnt be who we are today”. Songs such as “In Love with You” “My First Time” “Missing You” are about the joy of what it feels like to love someone or being loved. Her song are timeless, cross genre and aswell as generations.
Sherissa is currently in the studio writing and recording new material.


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