Inspirational sources

I don’t know India Arie personally, but ever since she made her song called “Video” I started to like her as a true musician.
Whatever she sings about; every word is understandable, every situation she describes in her songs can be recognized, because she
brings up everyday problems. The music, the song, the video even the way she performs, the whole concept is so simple made and so honest wich is why
it’s easy for me to like her even more. Many of todays musician over do it so much that they in fact loose the whole message of the song.
The clothes are off ( I guess they misunderstood “less is more” ?? ) the voice is mixed to the point that no human can ever sound like that. Embarrassing enough they don’t sound the same
on their concert, not even a bit. India Arie only needs her beautiful songvoice her wise words and her guitarr, then she’s ready to go.
I think I’m gonna go along with her.
Make it simple and let my heart do the rest !


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