Long time no see huh?!
i’m sorry but i’m still not used to blogging. To be honest I don’t think i’ll ever will.The thing is that I’ve never been the type of girl who writes diaries or anything like it. My thoughts always stayed in my mind and sometimes i could share it with someone I could trust. But anywho I’ve fixed a blogg so i better be bloggin just like everyone else !

So what do I want to share with you this early morning ?! well let’s go back to what happen last night =)
I had a concert in Kafe Klaver which was a very nice place for a singer songwriter like me. I loved the place. It was a tiney place so we didn’t use any microphones or anything. And by the way big thanx to Eileen who sang with me, You’re awesome =).

It went very well last night but what suprised me in the middle of the concert was two guys that came in while I was singing and I kept starring at them till they sat down. Apparently they were my classmates more than 8 years ago. It was nice to meet them. But i couldnt understand what they were doing there. Were they actually there to see me ?!
Maybe I need to understand that I am a singer and people came last night to listen to Me !! This might be obvious for everyone but for me it’s not. (I know I need work with the confidence here).


Don’t forget to =)

I woke up this morning and I put on my happy face immediately. Do I feel different ? Yes ! In what way? Well lets just say I have a positive approach ! So go look for your happy face and wear it the whole day ! It might change you and your surroundings. May your day be exciting and full of surprises

Time for some action!

Just like the title says, it’s actually time for me to act. I have been wandering around for a few days and been thinking about the things I should be doing .
I do not know yet with what I should start with but as my old teacher told me once “start early”, which is true. In that way I can at least be done earlier. Things feels bad when you consider the whole time, so it is important to start doing something about it and not just keep it in your mind, otherwise you just make your heart feel heavier. That’s how it feels for me!
So from now on (when i’m done writing this ) I’ll start rehearsing for the upcoming charity performance in Solna UngdomsCafĂ© on the 18th of February for the disaster victims in Paksitan. Everyone is welcome for just 25 SEK and all proceedings goin to charity to help victims..